Ganga Glooms

  • The water holding capacity of the Ganga river and its tributaries are reducing due to the high rate of siltation, resulting in devastating floods at regular intervals during the recent years.

  • Dolphins in the Ganga are the most endangered species.

  • If immediate preventive measures are not adapted to lower the pollution rate, the livelihood crisis will only deepen.

27km long Gangotri, the feeding glacier of Ganga, is receding at nearly 21 meters per year.  In 1935 the glacier was melting by seven m/yr; In 1990 the meltdown had increased to18 m/yr and in 2006 the key Himalayan glaciers have shrunk by almost 21 %.

  • In the coming years, we're probably going to have a water shortage due to melting of the glaciers.
  • Earlier, there were no crevices on the glacier. But as more portions are exposed to the sun, crevices will form and huge blocks of the glacier will break away