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Nature’s cure of the Ganga: The gangajal 11/12/2012 None
Sundarban Mangroves: Impact of Water Management in the Ganga River Basin 11/12/2012 None
Indicator species (Gharial and Dolphin) of Riverine Ecosystem: An exploratory of River Ganga 11/12/2012 None
Distribution of major floral and faunal diversity in the Mountain and Upper Gangetic Plains zone of the Ganga: Diatoms, macroinvertebrates and fish 11/12/2012 None
Mother Ganga: Our Timeless Heritage in Changing Times 11/12/2012 None
Ganga – Our Endangered Heritage 11/12/2012 None
Introduction to our National River Ganga via cmaps 11/12/2012 None
Uttar Pradesh to do everything possible to make Ganga pollution free says Chief Minister 06/12/2012 None
CJ: प्रशासन उदासीन, कैसे होगी गंगा की सफाई! 29/11/2012 None
MOVIE: Amrit: Nectar of mortality: A journey to the kumbh mela 27/11/2012 None
कला के सभी क्षेत्रों को प्रभावित करती गंगा नदी 20/11/2012 None
विजय कुमार वर्मा की कविता - नदी की पुकार 20/11/2012 None
कविता - बहती सी गंगा 20/11/2012 None
The Ganges River, India 15/11/2012 None
नदियों की सफ़ाई का सवाल है, बाबू ! 15/11/2012 None
Polluted Ganges A Major Source Of Cancer In India 12/11/2012 None
Problems of the Ganges River 09/11/2012 None
The Ganges by Julie Dunn 09/11/2012 None
Assessment of Environmental Flows for the Upper Ganga Basin 08/11/2012 PDF