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"Hindu Rituals & Routines - Why we follow them?" 29/11/2011 None
Annual Report of the Organization 2011-12 - Ganga 15/05/2012 PDF
EASTERN GANGA CANAL PROJECT (A Kharif Irrigation System) 16/02/2012 Others
Ganga river pollution in India- A brief report. Ganga is becoming toxic day by day. 26/10/2012 None
Uttar Pradesh to do everything possible to make Ganga pollution free says Chief Minister 06/12/2012 None
कांवडि़यों ने ठानी है। गंगा मैया बचानी है।। 08/08/2012 None
कांवडि़यों ने ठानी है। गंगा मैया बचानी है।। 07/11/2012 None
गंगा के लिए पांच संत देंगे जान 16/01/2012 None
गंगा नहीं तो काशी कहां 14/09/2012 None
गंगा बचाओ आन्दोलन 01/08/2012 None
महाकुम्भ 2013 14/08/2012 None
विजय कुमार वर्मा की कविता - नदी की पुकार 20/11/2012 None
108 NAMES OF THE GANGES: Gangastottara-sata-namavali 26/09/2011 None
25 साल से गंगा में डॉलफिन को बचा रहा है यह प्रोफेसर 13/03/2013 None
30 different Acts directly or indirectly related to conservation of biodiversity 25/08/2011 None
3Ps (Population, Poverty and Pollution) and the Pious Poor Ganga Dr Niraj Kumar 11/12/2012 None
80 EMU Special Trains in West Bengal for Ganga Sagar Mela 2012 11/01/2012 None
A cake party was celebrated on 15 july 2012 on the occasion 2 years completion of Gangapedia project 16/08/2012 None
a plea to save water.... avoid wet colours 30/04/2011