Maha Kumbh Mela 2013 Allahabad- Festival of Faith

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Maha Kumbh Mela 2013 

Last Kumbh mela was in year 2001 and next will be start from 14 January 2013 on the day of Makar Sankarnti.  kumbh festival is one of the largest human congregations in the world. In last kumbh mela around 70 million devotees gathered and take holy bath at sangam in Allahabad. This year estimate is 110 millions.  

When this festival first celebrated is not known but the event which leads were the cause for the celebration are stated in scriptures of  Hinduism. In satay yuga (the starting of life  on earth ) When demigods and demons churned ocean of milk for getting nectar and from this churning nectar comes for this nectar both demigods and demons  start fighting. As  demons were powerful so they won the fight but demigods with help of supreme personality of Godhead Lord Vishnu they got nectar. You can read full story on  kumbh mela

This is a great opportunity to take part in this mela and also take bath in Ganga , Yamuna and sarswati. You can plan today for this event because it will start from 27 January last till 25 February  2013 Getting confirmed train tickets in India is  almost impossible task 

  Story of Kumbh Mela from Vedic texts. Plan now for visiting this grand festival now for latest updates on this festival. Kumbh Mela Dates.


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