Let Her Flow


Perhaps there is a Divine Source

She flows down with a heavenly force

Perhaps a Divine Dam Lord Shiva's Locks

At the door of earth she knocks

And gently flows from Gaumukh white

A beautiful and a pure site

The balmy rays melt the snow

And then the water begins to flow

Down to the earth from a celestial world?

Happily dancing and she swirls

It flows from the high hills, gloriously down!

Flowing through silent valleys and crowded towns.

Sure and confident it flows for a while

Then the dam spreads its guile!

Let it flow! Let it flow!

May no dams on its course grow!

May she follow the Divine Plan

May she resque the souls of the clans

O Divine Ganga may you flow always

May many a fish show their gait

 May the dead bodies reach the sea

not decay in the reservoir you see!

The dammed or the damned Ganga must I say!

She stinks of death she is in decay!

No harsh walls on her to be raised

O pure Ganga the retreat of the sage!

She is not to be throttled not to be chained

She needs freedom! She is in pain!