Kumbh Mela 2013 important information

Maha Kumbh Mela 2015   

will start from 29th Aug 2015  at Nashik. Many people are planning to visit this mega festival which happens once in 12 years. 

Here is some useful information which will help you if you are visiting kumbh mela.


Do's and Don'ts at kumbh mela.


1. Whether you use any common facility or not but please make it a point to enroll your arrival at the Media Centre, in person for obtaining Passes. 
2. Please observe rules and regulations prescribed by Mela Authorities.
3. Observe sanity during visits to holy sites.
4. Please feel free to visit, interact and check with the media fraternity staying at the media centre. You may find good references and resources in case you need them as standby arrangements.
5. Take care of your belongings.
6. There are plenty of opportunities that may enthrall you and your readers and viewers. Please try to understand the symbolism and the real meaning of the activities around and kindly present them in right perspective, not as stereotypes. While taking photographs please respect local traditions and privacy as well.
7. Kindly help us project the real face of developing & progressing Uttar Pradesh,India.
8. Keeping in mind the heavy pressure during Kumbh, a small size team will be appreciated.


1. Do not consume alcohol, other intoxicants and non vegetarian food in the Mela area.
2. Do not carry polythene and plastic as it has been banned by the High Court and throwing of such non-degradable litter, mineral water bottles, tins, cans and bags etc in the dustbins only.
3. Use of detergents and soaps in the holy Ganges is strictly prohibited.
4. Be careful while taking shots or recording saints, sanyasis and sages around the bathing area, their processions and bathing en-mass. Better remain at a safe distance.

 Avail services of a local official/guide in case of an undesirable situation.

Kumbh Mela Accommodation:

If you don't want private and luxury accommodation then you will get free shared accommodation with religious organizations at their camps on arrival. For location of camps visit Kumbh Mela Map