GRBEMP: Important Event September 11-13, 2012 at IIT Kanpur

Event Date: 
Tuesday, September 11, 2012 - Thursday, September 13, 2012

 As part of GRBEMP preparations, a three day event is being organised as
Day 1: Environmental Flows: Ecological and Geomorphological Requirements
Day 2: River Health: Defining Criteria and Assessment
Day 3: National Ganga River Basin Act and Nationational Ganga River Basin
Authority: Concept and Framework.

The event will be held at IIT Kanpur in collaboration with


Dear All:

Thank you very much for positively responding to our call for
participating in the three day workshop being organised at IIT Kanpur in
collaboration with WWF-India.

Please find attached Tentative Programme, a report on methodology of
E-Flows and a note on the proposed National Ganga River Basin Management
Act. The contents of the note are very preliminary and by no means
complete. The note is circulated to generate enough discussion, and please
feel free to give your suggestions and criticisms.

Material on River Health Assessment and Assessment of E-Flows for a few
selected sites is still under discussion and preparation, and hence could
not be sent. My sincere apology for the same.

Look forward to having useful deliberations during the three day workshop.
Should you have any questions on logistics of the workshop, please feel
free to contact me (09415130517) or Rakesh (09935805656).

Thank you.

Vinod Tare

DETAILS are attached below:-

Programme_September 8, 2012.docx192.68 KB
Note on Draft NGRBM Act.docx95.25 KB
022_EFL_E-Flow.pdf1.48 MB