Ganges (Tamil)

You are in the water
you are on the land
You are in the heart of everyone" (Chorus)

"The flood raises it's voice and asks 'where is the boatman my child'" (Male Voice)

Sailing far and wide on unchartered waters
Ive been guided to these shores
My feet have strayed from the (familiar) banks of Cauvery
and my eyes have witnessed endless misery
My little doe had changed hands
and it has taken me this long to find her again

O, sweet honey, the apple of my eye,
A father's love has won atlast!
Precious gold, my flower the colour of evening skies
today, our sorrows are past!

looking at the Ganges I realise this truth
People darken the sacred river with their sins
The sinners wash their stains away in these clear waters
Where am I to report this stupidity of theirs