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All of us know how global warming is effecting Gangotri glacier last 25 years glacier has melted such vast that previously it was spread upto 30km an now it is only 18km. A big point of concern, is the pollution spread by tourist's near Gomukh is contributing a lot in this massacare. Goverment is seeing the income but not the the side effects. Ganga Action Plan (GAP) in Varanasi on June 14, 1986, Gandhi, then prime minister, of India, stated confidently, "We shall see that the waters of the Ganga become clean once again." So is it Clean?

In Kanpur, a highly industrialised and large urban centre, the situation is more complex. Though treating municipal waste itself calls for a massive infrastructure, the toxic discharge from engineering, textiles and especially the leather industries, create additional threats to the river .

In the six years of GAP existence, the Ganga Project Directorate claims many achievements, including that about 200 schemes have been completed and only 23 of the 261 projects remain for completion this year. Out of 68 industries identified as "gross pollutants", 10 have been closed, eight are being prosecuted, 43 have installed treatment plants and seven are in the process of doing so. According to the latest annual report of the Union ministry of environment and forests, 12 of 35 sewage treatment plants and 19 of 28 electric crematoria had been completed by March this. 

Inspite of all these attempts Why still Ganga is most polluted river in the world?