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tushar apurvApurv_87.pdf (241 KB)
NachiketaResearch Poster.pdf (1095 KB)
m.sugandhidivyam_beniwal2.pdf (24922 KB)
Harshit Srivastavasrivastava_75_0.pdf (24423 KB)
suryaveerRiver Basin ManagementSVEOI_1.pdf (317 KB)
Purnima SharmaRain induced waterlogging, waterlogging induced ground water rechargingPURNIMA SHARMA_59.pdf (2186 KB)A futuristic approach to recharge water table as a part of river basin planing.
shashi0710Goumukh to gangaSagar : A Geomorphological Traverse of the River GangaVERMA SHASHI_66.pdf (1904 KB)A Journy of river Ganga from Gangotri to end point, Ganga Sagar
sangeetha kumarAgriculture in Ganga BasinConference_IITK_0.pdf (1406 KB)Agriculture,GRBMP,Remedial Measures,Conclusion
TarunbishtThe Himalayan GangaBisht_770.pdf (119 KB)Biodiversity loss, mahseer,snow trout
jagwanitushaliRole of Wetlands in cleaning GangaPoster.pdf (303 KB)Cnstructed wetland and floating wetland
aakanksharampuriaRole of Wetlands in cleaning GangaPoster_0.pdf (303 KB)Cnstructed wetland and floating wetland
prakashvijayRole of Wetlands in cleaning GangaPoster_1.pdf (303 KB)Cnstructed wetland and floating wetland
navneetHydrodynamic Modelling of River FlowPoster123..pdf123.pdf (179 KB)Computional Fluid Dynamics(CFD) ,Fluent and Gambit,Volume of Fluid
shailendraCrusade to purify the Purifier (The Ganga)Singh_104_0.pdf (73 KB)DEF
Oishanee GhoshDisaster Mnagement strategies in River Basin Management- A Case study of Indo- Gantgetic BasinGHOSH_200[1].pdf (1297 KB)Disaster management, Micro irrigation, Water shed Management, River basin
kolikOreilly.Using_.Drupal.Dec_.2008.pdf (25733 KB)dz1
RamprasadElectrochemical Treatment of wetland water contaminated by landfill leachateRamprasad_124.pdf (327 KB)Electrochemical process, Leachate, Contaminants, Redox
swarnsomINDUSTRIAL POLLUTIONnath_swarnsom.pdf (3750 KB)GANGA POLLUTION
alisayedEcological Restoration of Ganga RiverPoster_final.pdf (158 KB)Ganga River, Restoration, Awareness, Ecology