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anandkumarguptaKumbh Mela :Its Significance (Positive and Negative Aspects)anand poster Kumbh.pdf (395 KB)Kumbh Mela, River Pollution, Socio-Spiritual Festival
Oishanee GhoshDisaster Mnagement strategies in River Basin Management- A Case study of Indo- Gantgetic BasinGHOSH_200[1].pdf (1297 KB)Disaster management, Micro irrigation, Water shed Management, River basin
navneetHydrodynamic Modelling of River FlowPoster123..pdf123.pdf (179 KB)Computional Fluid Dynamics(CFD) ,Fluent and Gambit,Volume of Fluid
tinkuiitkGanga Ki VyathaSinghal_177_0.pdf (331 KB)Ganga,Poem
vishakha yadavRiver pollution and sewage treatmentvishakha_yadav.pdf (723 KB)pollution,sewage treatment
Peeyush KumarGroundwater Management using Groundwater Modeling for Sustainable River Basin PlanningKumar_169.pdf (2386 KB)Kumar.169
awdheshbirlaMetal pollution effect in fluvial ecosystem: trophic transfer and early effect detectionKumar_168.pdf (375 KB)Metal, Water, Biofilm, Fish
surajupadhyay88Ganga River BasinSURAJ UPADHYAY Poster Presentation.pdf (668 KB)River basin, Pollution, Protection
rajarshi316Sand particle size distribution and Discharge at the Ganga Flood PlainMukherjee_159.pdf (470 KB)Ganga, Discharge of River, Sand Particle Size Distribution
RudraRiver Ganga: a symbol of India’s age-long culture and civilizationRudra P. Singh Poster.pdf (765 KB)River Ganga, Pollution, Action plan
dhaneshyAgriculture in Ganga BasinConference_IITK.pdf (1406 KB)Save Ganga , Agricultural Pollution, Ganga River Basin Management Plan
aguptaPhotos of the Ganga: A thematic PresentationGupta_153.pdf (5401 KB)The Scenic Beauty, Biodiversity, Socio-economic Activities, Pollution and few contributing factors
TarunbishtThe Himalayan GangaBisht_770.pdf (119 KB)Biodiversity loss, mahseer,snow trout
sangeetha kumarAgriculture in Ganga BasinConference_IITK_0.pdf (1406 KB)Agriculture,GRBMP,Remedial Measures,Conclusion
shamimGanga River Basin Biodiversity Conservation and ManagementRahman_130.pdf.pdf (1962 KB)Ganga, Biodiversity, Conservation
moharanaPrediction of Stage-discharge of a meandering channel using ANFISMoharana poster.pdf1_.pdf (486 KB)meandering channel, aspect ratio, bed slope, sinuosity, fuzzy logic
kolikOreilly.Using_.Drupal.Dec_.2008.pdf (25733 KB)dz1
abhishek bhardwajSewage treated water management &distributed recharge estimation for Groundwater modeling using GIS, case study- Varanasi, IndiaPOSTER IITK go.pdf (4171 KB)Groundwater recharge, distributed water Geographical Information System (GIS), Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA), Analytic
RamprasadElectrochemical Treatment of wetland water contaminated by landfill leachateRamprasad_124.pdf (327 KB)Electrochemical process, Leachate, Contaminants, Redox