Book Cover Title Author Publisher
स्वर्ण भूमि प्रयाग स्वामी आनंद गिरि साहित्य भण्डार, इलाहाबाद
THE FIVE THEORIES OF RIVER MANAGEMENT U.K.Choudhary Ganga Scientific and Technical Council The Ganga Research Center I.T., B.H.U.,Varanasi-221005 (India), 2008
The Lost River On The Trail Of The Sarasvati Michel Danino Penguin Books India Pvt. Ltd., 2010
Water and the quest for sustainable development in the Ganges valley Graham Chapman, Michael Thompson Mansell Pub., 1995
A Walk Along the Ganges Dennison Berwick Dennison Berwick, 1986
Population problem in the Ganges valley Kripa Nath Varma Shiva Lal Agarwala, 1967
The Ganges delta Kanangopal Bagchi University of Calcutta, 1944
The Lower Ganga-Ghaghra Doab: a study in population and settlement Ram Niwas Misra Sahitya Bhawan, 1977
Lower Ganga-Ghaghra Doab: a study in rural settlements Minati Singh Tara Book Agency, 1983
Clan settlements in the Saran Plain (Middle Ganga Valley): a study in cultural geography Rana P. B. Singh Social Science, 1977
Can the Ganga Be Cleaned Brojendra Nath Banerjee B.R. Pub. Corp., November 1989
The Ganga: Water Use in the Indian Subcontinent Pranab Kumar Parua Springer, 18-Nov-2009
Large Rivers: Geomorphology and Management Avijit Gupta John Wiley & Sons, 13-May-2008
Water Pollution Control: A Guide to the Use of Water Quality Management Principles Richard Helmer, Ivanildo Hespanhol Taylor & Francis, 1997
Ganga Safari: Ganga River Boat Adventure With Jayapataka Swami Mahamaya Devi Dasi Holy Cow Books, 01-Jul-1999
The Ganges Delta and its people David Cumming Thomson Learning, 1994
Cleaning-up the Ganges: a cost-benefit analysis of the Ganga Action Plan Anil Markandya, Maddipati Narasimha Murty Oxford University Press, 20-Nov-2000
Thus Flows The Ganges Sudhir Kumar Karan Mittal Publications, 2004
Freud along the Ganges: psychoanalytic reflections on the people and culture of India Salman Akhtar Other Press, 17-Dec-2005
Ganges: Ganges in Hinduism, Sharing of Ganges Waters, Ganges Delta, Bhagirathi River, Hooghly River, Ganges Canal, Gangotri, Meghna River General Books LLC, 2010